Why Doc Popcorn?

Like Starbucks and McDonalds, Doc Popcorn has taken one of the world’s most popular commodity products and branded it as a high-quality “better-for-you” snack experience in high-traffic venues. The kernel to our success is we empower franchise owners to handcraft a wide-variety of remarkable fresh-popped specialty flavors of popcorn with a system that is extremely simple, efficient and affordable. We have an amazing family of franchise owners who are excited to share their life changing stories as Doc Popcorn POPrietors (Franchise Partners).

Why are these POPrietors smiling? Because we spent over a decade making plenty of mistakes running our own locations so they don’t have to! Should you choose to explore the Doc Popcorn POPportunity through our cost-free, obligation-free Education Process, you will get to speak to our POPrietors personally. In the meantime, listen to them tell you why they are smiling about their choice to own a Doc Popcorn franchise.

As we like to say, operating a Doc Popcorn is so simple a four year old can do it! All of our delicious flavors are produced in one piece of equipment. We have seasonal and year round gift items that are easy to market and store. Our offering is designed to keep it simple for our POPrietors and our customers. Just watch our four-year old POPrietor in action.

We created Doc Popcorn to be efficient and effective in high traffic venues. In five minutes you can create $50 worth of product; all flavors are produced in two machine; each piece of machinery only needs to be cleaned once at night; and only one or two additional people are needed to run a Doc Popcorn Franchise. This enables us to fit and thrive in locations that other food concepts cannot. At this level of efficiency, the idea of running and operating several locations is achievable.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the desire for a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI). There are many concepts in the world for you to consider, but very few where you can get started for a $50,000 investment and the potential to do the kind of volume that Doc Popcorn can do. Our goal is to build and design attractive spaces without breaking your bank.

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Whether you want to own just one location or build an empire, Doc Popcorn has several business models from which to choose and to grow. You have control over how large or simple you want your business to be—from running a Mobile PopCart™ on the weekends to running multiple locations in shopping malls, stadiums or other high traffic venues—the choice is yours.

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