Whether you want to own a single Doc Popcorn location or build an empire, our business models are designed to give you the flexibility and opportunity to grow, fit in small spaces, and be where the customers are. Doc Popcorn can be located in malls, stadiums, entertainment venues, transportation hubs, music festivals, sporting events and just about any other high traffic venue you can think of.

Unique, efficient and inviting, Doc Popcorn PopShops™ can be built in spaces as small as 160 square feet. Our construction assistance process shortens build-out time to get you open and popping as quickly as possible. Our PopShops™ produce all of our amazing proprietary flavors in a single piece of equipment and are equipped to serve multiple products including gift tins and other seasonal items.

Bright, affordable and attractive, the Doc Popcorn PopKiosk™ easily produces all of our remarkable popcorn flavors and stands right in the center of customer traffic. Plus, the aroma of our fresh, delicious flavors will attract shoppers throughout the mall and drive traffic to the area.

We’re mobile! The Doc Popcorn Mobile PopCart™ is designed to go where consumers are: at indoor and outdoor special event sites. This fully operational, self-contained serving cart comes equipped to produce most of our amazing flavors. It is NSF certified and meets health department requirements for mobile operation, has ambient heated popcorn drawers and hot and cold running water.


Turn any size party or gathering into a POPaganza! Roll-in for events like art shows, music festivals and sporting events. Help clients celebrate office parties, birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, meetings, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, grand opening events.

The Doc Popcorn PopCart™ is also seen in semi-permanent locations such as, stadiums, arenas, and amusement parks.